Volunteer Guidelines



Tea Room Uniform:
Khaki pants and white shirt - Aprons provided
Comfortable close-toed shoes
Wear your St. Paul's Nametag 

Your area leader will contact you about training.

Volunteer Parking:
Please park on the grass next to the Children/Youth Building

Upon Arrival:
Please enter Doar Hall through the door in the Atrium.
Sign in at 10:50 and register for the volunteer weekly raffle.
Check-in with your team leader and put on your apron and nametag.
Attend the Tea Room devotional time at 11:10.

Volunteer Break Area:
There will be a designated volunteer break area located in the storage room of the Atrium. Personal items and snacks may be stored there.

Food and Drink:
A cooler of drinks will be provided for volunteers in the break area.
Lunch will be provided free of charge to volunteers beginning at 2:00. This will include desserts not needed for the following day.
*Meals may be purchased at ½ price prior to 2:00 on your workday.
*Desserts may be purchased at full price earlier in the day.

End of the Day:
Please assist with cleanup in your area (your team leader will provide instructions).
Please remove your aprons by 2:30. Remember to remove your nametag and check the pockets for personal items. Please then check aprons for cleanliness. Clean aprons are to be rehung for use the next day and dirty aprons should be placed in the basket by the sign-in station.

Gift Shop:
Please encourage our guests to visit the Gift Shop to see the lovely handmade items available. Please visit the gift shop yourself but we ask that you only enter when the doors are open for business.

Viki Harlan or Susan Haynes – Tea Room
Diane Frankenberger, Dixie Moran, Angela Jones - Gift Shop