The Art of Neighboring

The Art of Neighboring

Every Sunday, from 09/15/2019 to 10/20/2019, 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM

Fall 2019 Sermon Series 

 "The Art of Neighboring"

Based on the book by Jay Pathak and Dave Runyon
Purchase the book (or download your digital version) and bring it to church with you as we unpack the message.

Once upon a time, people knew their neighbors. They talked to them, had cook-outs with them, and went to church with them. In our time of unprecedented mobility and increasing isolationism, it's hard to make lasting connections with those who live right outside our front door. We have hundreds of "friends" through online social networking, but we often don't even know the full name of the person who lives right next door.

This unique and inspiring book asks the question: What is the most loving thing I can do for the people who live on my street or in my apartment building? Through compelling true stories of lives impacted, the authors show readers how to create genuine friendships with the people who live in closest proximity to them. Discussion questions at the end of each chapter make this book perfect for small groups or individual study.

We will break this book into a series of sermons starting September 15 through October 20th as outlined below:

Week #1 (September 15) Luke 10:25-37 Acts 17:26- 27— “Taking the Second Great Commandment Seriously”  Read Chapters 1 and 2

Week #2 (September 22) Luke 10:38-42 - Martha and Mary “The Time Dilemma”  Read Chapter 3 and 4

Week #3 (September 29) Luke 7:37-50 - “A Party at Simon’s House: Closing the Door on Fear” Read Chapters 5 and 6

Week #4 (October 6) Matthew 5:14-16 and Hebrews 13:1-8 “Angels Unawares: Motives for Neighboring” Read Chapter 7

Week #5 (October 13) Matthew 26:6-13 I Kings 17:7-16 “The Art of Receiving Neighborly Help” Read Chapters 8, 9, and 10

Week#6 (October 20) Romans 12: 9-18 Gospel Matthew 5:1-10 “The Art of Peacemaking”Read Chapters 11 and 12

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