What to Expect

How Do Anglicans Worship?

Every Sunday is the Lord’s Day (Acts 20:7; Acts 2:42). On this day, Christian churches have followed the pattern of meeting together for the hearing of God’s word, the singing of hymns, the breaking of bread (Communion), and the praying of prayers ever since the church began. 

By participating in worship, we remember what Christ has done for us. We are given strength and grace for the living of our lives as His apostles. We also anticipate, in a community and with great joy, His promise to come again to redeem the world (Revelation 21). Every Sunday is a reenactment of salvation history. At St. Paul’s, you will encounter the living Christ through the Word preached and the sacraments celebrated. Every Sunday we celebrate Communion and join with those two disciples who encountered Jesus on the road to the village of Emmaus in Luke chapter 24. With them, we are filled with joy and respond, “Did not our hearts burn within us…?”

What Is Worship?

Worship is a verb. The Greek word for worship λειτουργία), liturgy, literally means “the work of the people.” God expects us to actively participate in worship. You will find that our service is packed with opportunities to sing, pray, praise, sit, stand, kneel, and pretty much engage our selves, our souls, and our bodies as living sacrifices of thanksgiving to our Lord (Romans 12:1). This is our “spiritual worship” as St. Paul says.

Our services come from the Book of Common Prayer, which originated in 1549 as the Archbishop Thomas Cranmer sought to bring Bible-based worship into the lives and homes of the English people. Some have estimated that 75-80 percent of our worship from this book is taken directly from the Bible. Other parts of our worship come from early church tradition, or through the long, prayerful contribution of church fathers through the ages. The creeds, confessions, and the words said to institute Holy Communion are some examples.

Worship At St. Paul's

While our worship is similar to that of Anglicans across the world through the ages, we are also a warm, loving, laid-back congregation that enjoys ancient hymns as well as modern worship songs produced by popular Christian artists. Worship that is biblical and draws hearts to the praise, honor, and glory of our Lord is the goal at all our services. 

Our worship with ancient hymns is held in the historic church building, and our worship with a user-friendly screen and modern music is in the building we call Doar Hall.

We cordially invite you to join us. You may wear whatever feels worshipful to you and remember that all baptized Christians are welcome to join us for Holy Communion at the Lord’s table.