Job Offers

Positions Open at St. Paul's Summerville

Director of Communications

  1. Overall Responsibilities
    1. Design and Production of print graphics and web graphics, management of parish communications
    2. Assist Parish Administrator and Discipleship Staff and clergy with administrative needs
  2.  Administrative Assistant
    1. Performs administrative duties as assigned by the Parish Administrator for the Discipleship staff and clergy
    2. Assists the Parish Administrator on special projects
    3. Maintains membership records in ShelbyNext computer
    4. Participate in weekly and other staff meetings (including staff retreats) to plan, coordinate and evaluate parish programs
    5. Assistance in maintaining office machines including ordering supplies for the workroom
  3. Key Areas of Responsibilities
    1. Daily upkeep of a social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other online media
    2. Designing and daily upkeep of church’s website
    3. The design and production of the church’s weekly newsletter
    4. The design and production of Parish-wide publications
    5. Regularly working with the Discipleship staff and clergy to establish and execute communication goals and overall vision
    6. Effective delegation of print and web responsibilities to volunteers and teams
    7. The design and production of graphics for ministry areas as necessary
  4. Required Skills and Attributes
    1. Ability to effectively use the Adobe creative suite
    2. Ability to manage social media to effectively communicate with the parish and Summerville community
    3. Ability to schedule and complete large quantities of graphics projects on deadline
    4. Ability to oversee the development of an effective church website and will be in charge of keeping content of the site relevant
    5. Ability to acquire and develop the technological skills required for effective church communications
    6. Ability to create and execute goals according to a larger vision of communication within and outside of Paul’s Summerville

To apply please send your resume to our Parish Administrator Sue Beson