The Gospel Project - Letters To God's People

The Gospel Project - Letters To God's People

Every Sunday, from 01/13/2019 to 03/31/2019, 8:00 AM - 10:15 AM

Location: St. Paul's Summerville, 316 W. Carolina Avenue, Summerville, SC US 29483

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Sunday School reboots January 13th with: The Gospel Project—Letters to God’s People.     

  "As a part of his ministry to the church, the apostle Paul wrote letters to churches to teach, encourage, and rebuke. In a rebuke to the Galatian churches, he shared how he confronted the apostle Peter for being two-faced, or hypocritical. Peter acted one way with one group of Christians and another way with a different group.  Peter’s hypocrisy wasn’t a small problem though. When he chose to separate himself from Gentile believers, he implicitly denied the truth of the gospel by his actions. This was why Paul had to step in and challenge Peter to reflect the truth of the gospel to others through his actions. Paul’s challenge reminds us that our salvation rests in our faith in Christ alone. Christ’s death in our place, followed by His resurrection, is the basis of our salvation, not our own works." (Source: The Gospel Project’ Leader’s Guide Summary)


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